Alexandre Bertolino cherche partenaire tandem français - anglais

NomAlexandre Bertolino
Age27 ans
Département75 - Paris
Langue parléeFrançais
Langue recherchéeAnglais
Niveau en AnglaisIntermédiaire


I'm a french guy living in Paris and working in logistics.

I'm firstly here because I'd like to improve my english skills. But I'm an endless curious, I also want to meet people of all around this planet (why not Aliens too ;) ) !

I want to know more about our world, before it becomes darker. I really want to learn more about other cultures, so if you want to know more about France or french langage, don't hesitate to contact me !

About my personality, I like to read and to play video games. I also like movies (one of my bests : "Thank you for smoking") and sports. I often take a bicycle and visit Paris.

My best hero ? Batman, since I'm a child. Seriously, he's so badasss !

Welcome in my world ! :)

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