Arthur cherche partenaire tandem français - anglais - allemand - russe

Age29 ans
Departement75 - Paris
Spoken languageFrançais - Anglais
Language to learnAllemand - Russe
Level at AllemandBeginner
Level at RusseBeginner

I'm a philosophy student in la Sorbonne who loves to learn languages : French is my mother-tongue, English my "step-mother-tongue", I can also teach some Spanish, Latin and ancient Greek (although these last two are not meant to be spoken aloud...).

I recently stumbled upon German, which I found an amazingly charming language, after all these years of utter ignorance. I'm using it a lot for philosophy articles, but I would like to go further into some more difficult author than scholarly articles.

Finally, I simply fell in love with Russian language : its sonorities, literature, and culture... It all started with the reading of the ??????, which became my favourite novel. Then I started reading a method for about a year : I'm beginning to master some vocabulary and basic grammar, but really need to practice.

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