blanc cherche partenaire tandem français - anglais - anglais - espagnol

Age57 ans
Departement75 - Paris
Je suis aussi sur skype
Spoken languageFrançais - Anglais
Language to learnAnglais - Espagnol
Level at AnglaisExpert
Level at EspagnolBeginner

I am going to the americas next year an d especially in argentina for some times So i am relearning my spanish I am looking for someone who can help me in excahnge of help on french or English... You can join me either at

or on Skype or Line at blancpmra1 We will see how we can organize it..... So long Paul

Hello blanc,

I found your proposal on the site

My name is * and I am * years old.

I introduce myself : *

Maybe we can form a tandem ?

You can reach me at this email address *
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I hope to hear from you soon !

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