Dom cherche partenaire tandem français - coréen - chinois

Age26 ans
Departement75 - Paris
Spoken languageFrançais
Language to learnCoréen - Chinois
Level at CoréenBeginner
Level at Chinoisaverage

Hi my name is Dom and i really really really really want to learn korean and practice chinese by talking, hanging out, with native people from those country :)

I can help you in french since i'm born there (i read a lot of book so i guess i know a lot of cool world in french :D)

Contact me please??

Hello Dom,

I found your proposal on the site

My name is * and I am * years old.

I introduce myself : *

Maybe we can form a tandem ?

You can reach me at this email address *
or by phone at *

I hope to hear from you soon !

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