Holly cherche partenaire tandem anglais - français - espagnol - portugais

Age30 ans
Departement84 - Vaucluse
Spoken languageAnglais - Français
Language to learnEspagnol - Portugais
Level at Espagnolaverage
Level at PortugaisBeginner

Hi, I'm a 28 year old English teacher from the UK, living in Avignon. I'd like to practice my Spanish and Portuguese. I can teach English (my native language) and French (which I speak fluently).

Hello Holly,

I found your proposal on the site tandem-linguistique.org.

My name is * and I am * years old.

I introduce myself : *

Maybe we can form a tandem ?

You can reach me at this email address *
or by phone at *

I hope to hear from you soon !

J'ai pris connaissance des conditions générales d'utilisation de Tandem-linguistique et je m’engage à les respecter