Shuang cherche partenaire tandem chinois - allemand - français

Age32 ans
Departement75 - Paris
Spoken languageChinois - Allemand
Language to learnFrançais
Level at FrançaisBeginner

My name is SHUANG and I am from China. Besides my mother language Chinese, I still can speak German and English fluently. Now I am studying for my doctoral degree in Passau, Germany.

I began to learn French in my spare time several years ago, but it seems that I have not made a progress, because I can just say some simple sentences. That is the reason why I come here to find a tandem Partner so that there might be more chance for me to practice French.

If you are still in search for a language Partner, please don't hesitate to contact me. It would be great that we could exchange different culture, thoughts, and life experiences with each other. And of course I would like to help you with your Chinese :)

My Skype login name is: shuangwang0912. Hope to see you soon.



Hello Shuang ,

I found your proposal on the site

My name is * and I am * years old.

I introduce myself : *

Maybe we can form a tandem ?

You can reach me at this email address *
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I hope to hear from you soon !

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