Tariq cherche partenaire tandem anglais - hindî - français - allemand

Age28 ans
Departement68 - Haut-Rhin
Spoken languageAnglais - Hindî
Language to learnFrançais - Allemand
Level at FrançaisExpert
Level at AllemandBeginner

I'm new to Alsace. I've been living in France for over 5 years now. My education so far has been entirely in English medium and I have native/bilingual proficiency. I'm a gifted polyglot who can speak 5 languages & 2 dialects fluently. I like helping out those who like learning English, so feel free to contact me. It shall help me practice my vocabulary and stay fluent. I'm fluent in French too but doesn't hurt to improve. I'm also a novice in German so definitely would like to learn. I have many Spanish-speaking friends, so would be interesting to learn that as well.

Hello Tariq,

I found your proposal on the site tandem-linguistique.org.

My name is * and I am * years old.

I introduce myself : *

Maybe we can form a tandem ?

You can reach me at this email address *
or by phone at *

I hope to hear from you soon !

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